For Suppliers


Where do I get user name and password for Hanki Service? 

As supplier, please register to the service. You can register your company here . For more information on how to register and use the service, please watch our short videos .

I have forgotten my password, where can I get a new one?

If you have forgotten you password get a new one here .

I already have password and user name to Cloudia's other eTendering service in Finland. Can I use the same user name and password?

If you have already registered in (eTendering service for Finnish local and regional governments) you can use the same user name and password on both websites.

Where can I find invitations to tender?

Follow "For Suppliers" link on top of the page. In Calls for Tenders section you can see all currently open invitations to tender that Finnish central government agencies have published electronically. You can sort the calls by identifier, name of contracting authority (unit), name of the call for tenders and by deadline for submission of tenders. Published invitations to tender can be also accessed with this link

Government Procurement

Goverment procurement is steered by the Ministry of Finance. The Ministy steers procurement practices with Government Procurement Strategy. It also decides which procurement procedures are conducted centrally and how government procurement is developed. Addtionally, The Ministy is responsible for general terms and conditions used in public procuremetnt procedures. For more information in government procurement, please see webpage on public procurement .

About public procurement

For information on governing rules of public procurement please visit the Ministy of Employment and the Economy's website .


For Buyers

What does structured data mean in eTendering?

Hanki Service utilises structured data in invitation to tender and in model contracts that can be attached to procurement procedure. Buyers build invitations to tender in a same way as designing a questionnaire. As buyer your options are not limited to building invitation to tender in structured form, only. You can also make the model contract suppliers have to accept in structured form. When using structured model contract you can after awarding the contract also finalise the contract together with awarded supplier inside the eTendering system. Some data is populated automatically from suppliers tender. To start building your model contract, click on contract management after you have logged in as buyer.

European Single Procurement Document - ESPD

Hanki Service has build in European Single Procurement Document (ESPD) that is to be used in procurement procedures exceeding EU thresholds after April 18th, 2016. ESPD has three types of questions: mandatory exclusion grounds, vonuntary exclusion grounds that contracting authority may choose to use and supplier selection criteria. Contracting authority selects the questions it chooses to use in section 8 (suitability requirements) in Hanki Service.

Templates for ESPD can be found in "Shared templates" on the notice creation page after you have logged in as a buyer to the system. Follow the link "For Buyers" on top of this page to access the system as a buyer. Templates are temporary bypass until proper ESPD is ready in Hanki Service in June 2016.


For more information on ESPD please see the Commission's webpage on ESPD .