Hanki Service is an electronic tendering service used by the Finnish central government organisations and bodies closely related to those (e.g. state-owned or majority funded companies and universities). The service is provided by Cloudia Oy.

Hanki Service has an inbuilt ESPD (European Single Procurement Document) for declaring that the exclusion grounds used in public procurement do not concern the bidder and that it fulfils the selection criteria set by the buyer. The built-in ESPD has been integrated with the national databases for checking selected exclusion and selection criteria: when the bidder is registered in Finland the data is retrieved from the databases to be reused for procurement purposes thus reducing the number of attestations and documents the awarded supplier needs to provide to the buyer. The ESPD is available in Finnish, Swedish and English.

Use of Hanki Service is free for suppliers. Public sector buyer wishing to use the service can get more information from Cloudia, and sales@cloudia.com