For Suppliers

Look for opportunities

Hanki Service gathers together Finnish central government's electronic invitations to tender and participation requests to procurement procedures. You can access invitations to tender and see all details of tender documents including exclusion and selection criteria. You can also see what criteria will be used for awarding the contract and how points are given to each evaluation criterion.

Submitting your tender made easy

Answer questions the buyer has set in Hanki Service and submit you tender electronically. You do not need eSignatures or in fact any other tricks to participate in procurerement procedures.

Register and participate - it all free to suppliers

Register to Hanki Service and start looking for opportunities for making business with the Government. Registering and using the service is free of charge to suppliers. You get the password to your e-mail in an instance and can start using the service without any delay. If you do not want to register, you can still view basic information of open opportunities.

How do I gain access to Hanki Service?

You can access the service by registering. The service is free of charge to suppliers. 

To registration

If you have used Cloudia's eTendering tool you can log in with you e-mail and password.

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View open invitations to tender in Hanki Service.

Open invitations to tender 

For Buyers

Invitations to tender in questionnaire form

Hanki Service eases your procurement procedures and eliminates several manual steps compared to paper based tendering. You can design your invitation to tender in questionannaire form making it easier for suppliers to respond to you call. The service covers all procurement procedures - from routine small value national tendering to EU-wide large tender competitions.

Speed up evaluation process

The service uses automatic scoring of received tenders reducing supplier errors and allowing faster evaluation process. When configured for automatic scoring, right after opening of tenders the service suggest to whom the contract is to be awarded. Evaluation process is faster, also because handling numerous tenders is just as easy as evaluating a few.

Award contracts in just few steps

Hanki Service is designed in co-operation with procurement specialists and follows the EU public procurement directives and best practices in conducting the procedures. You can even share your work with others, or ask others to share good examples with you. Once you have finalised the evaluation you can send awarding decision to suppliers who have participated in the procedure.

Agree contract terms with supplier

Hanki Service includes also contract in structured form. You can attach model contracts to invitions to tender. After awarding decision, you can finalise the contract together with the awarded supplier inside the service. 

As buyer, get information on how to start using Hanki Service.

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